New frontiers in Cryogenics

The Board

Olivier Arcizet

Optics at low temperatures – Institut Néel
Martino Calvo

Superconducting detectors – Institut Néel
Philippe Camus

Refrigeration and detectors – Institut Néel
Xavier Chaud

High Tc coils – LNCMI
Andrew Fefferman

Ultra low temperatures – Institut Néel
Alain Girard

chair – IRIG / DSBT
Xavier Jehl

Cryogenic devices – IRIG / Pheliqs

Sylvain Martin

Space cryogenics – IRIG/DSBT
Marie-Aude Measson

Optical spectroscopies – Institut Néel
François Millet

Large scale refrigeration and thermohydraulics – IRIG / DSBT
Fabien Souris

Solid hydrogen for lasers – IRIG / DSBT
Pascal Tixador

Superconductivity for electrical energy – G2Elab / Institut Néel
Pierre-Etienne Wolf

chair Institut – Institut Néel / MCBT