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LANEF PhD Program 2021

LANEF PhD Program is a three year program to support PhD training of excellent students.
The 2021 PhD Call is common to LANEF and Fondation Nanoscience.

The thesis will be prepared in one of the six laboratories (IRIG, LPMMC, G2Elab, LNCMI, LiPhy, NEEL) on a topic related to one or several of the following Challenges:

  • Quantum Materials
  • Nanophysics and Quantum Engineering
  • Electrical Energy
  • Sensors for Life Science and Healthcare
  • New frontiers in cryogenics

The salary is 1680 €/month during 36 months, including healthcare insurance (income tax to be deduced).

The UGA University fees are about 500 €/year.

If you agree to undertake light additional duties (such as teaching), your salary may rise up to 1920 €/month.

The applicants

The program is open to highly talented and motivated students of any nationality. Applications from women are strongly encouraged. Students from different backgrounds (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics) who can demonstrate a strong interest in the fields supported by LANEF are welcome.

Applicants should have an MSc degree and must be fluent in English. Mobility (within the country of origin or internationally) demonstrated during undergraduate studies will be considered as a plus.

Applicants must have already identified a potential PhD supervisor in one of the 6 laboratories of LANEF and be able to propose a thesis project in agreement with his/her future thesis supervisor.

The PhD thesis must fulfil one of the LANEF’s synergy criteria: synergies between at least 2 of the 6 laboratories, inter-Labex collaboration inside UGA, collaborations with R&D, healthcare laboratories, or companies (see more details in section C of the application form).

How to apply

  • You must propose a PhD project that will be co-supported and co-supervised by two researchers based in 2 different laboratories (see more details in section C of the application form).
  • Download the PhD program application form
  • With the help of your proposed thesis supervisors, fill in this application form with all requested details
  • You must contact the steering committee member of the main thematic-group concerned, in order to inform him/her of your intention to apply to the PhD program. He/she will help you and make sure that your application matches the program requirements.
  • Save as PDF each document: Application form / CV / exam results / diplomas…
  • Merge all these PDFs into ONE, single .PDF file
  • Send by email the final PDF file to phd-program@grenoble-lanef.fr by 2021, April 2, 11:59 AM (Paris time).
  • Your application will be acknowledged within five working days.
  • You must request (at least) two recommendation letters based on the template included at the end of the application form (section F). These letters must be sent by your referee himself/herself directly to phd-program@grenoble-lanef.fr by 2021, April 2, 11:59 AM (Paris time).

Here the application form for  this 2021 PhD call:

Selection procedure

  • After verifying its eligibility, each application is sent to 2 independent reviewers.
  • A Steering Committee session will be held on 5 May 2021 in order to select the applicants to be invited for an audition on the basis of the reviewers reports. Selected students will receive a convocation for the interview on 2 and 3 June 2021. Non-selected applicants will receive a short feedback report within 10 days.
  • Auditions will be held on 2 and 3 June 2020 in Grenoble. Depending on the Covid pandemic evolution, the interview will be held in Grenoble or on line in front of the Steering Committee and invited specialists. In case of face-to-face interview, all travel/accommodation expenses will be covered by LANEF for 3 days/2 nights. This will provide enough time for each applicant to visit their hosting laboratory and to finalise their oral presentation together with their prospective thesis supervisor. Applicants may also arrange for a longer stay with the support of their supervisor. 
  • Final results will be announced a few days later. Selected applicants should accept or decline their offer within 2 weeks. Non-selected applicants will receive a report thereafter.

Some of the fellowships of the LANEF 2021 PhD call will be co-financed by the Fondation Nanoscience or by an other Grenoble Labex (in this case please inform the two Labex responsibles).

Results of the PhD Call 2020

Four Candidates selected:

  • Aubergier Nathan: « Valley physics in silicon », co-supervisors: Vincent Renard et Benjamin Piot.
  • Clot Eric: « Spectroscopy of parametrically excited spin-waves by NV-magnetometry », co-supervisors: Olivier Klein et Benjamin Pigeau.
  • Daveau Nicolas: « Hybrid plasmonic nano-architectures assembled by DNA », co-supervisors: Didier Gasparutto, Kuntheak Kheng et Guillaume Nonglaton, co-funded by ARCANE-LANEF.
  • Rath Aniket: « Nanotechnology and Quantum Engineering challenge », co-supervisors: Benoit Vermersch et Cyril Branciard, co-funded by Fondation Nanoscience-LANEF.

Two candidates on the reserved list:

  • 1. Gaignard Maxime: « A bright source of entangled photon pairs », co-supervisors: Jean-Philippe Poizat et Julien Claudon.
  • 2. Van Duijn Floris: « Exploring THz spintronics through spin dynamics in antiferromagnets», co-supervisors: Vincent Baltz, Ursula Ebels et Anne-Laure Barra.