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In the context of the challenge Quantum Material of the LANEF, Quantum Material Seminars are scheduled Thursday at 2pm with a frequency of about two per month.

Quantum Material Seminars aim to cover all the research axes of the challenge: superconductors, frustrated and low-dimensional magnetic systems, Mott insulators, multiferroics, etc …


Thursday, October 7, 2pm

Beilun Wu

(Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas y Altos Campos Magnéticos, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
Title : Scanning Tunneling Microscopy at high magnetic fields magnetic fields


To access to this seminar, the ZOOM link :







Next scheduled seminars are:

  • Thursday, October 21 : H. Lane (Univ. Edimburg)
  • Thursday, November 18 : Simutis Gediminas (PSI)
  • Thursday, November 25 : Mathieu Gibert (Institut Néel)